Honor On the Walls

imageHonor on the walls! Let there be honor on the walls of the PNP! Honor on the walls! Let there be honor on the the bloodstained walls of the AFP!

I pass by the Philippine National Police headquarters everyday when I go to school. You’d expect a dignified entry on those gates. But there’s nothing more than the stained marks of the generations and generations of administrations. Graffiti conveying unreadable political messages. A beggar in need of money. Filthy sidewalks and traffic jammed streets. At least there is a hint of honor within the walls

I’ve been inside the walls of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. My uncle was the Chief of Staff. General Jessie Dellosa. I wonder how it feels like to be inside the White House (Philippine residence of the Chief of Staff). Yes I’ve been in there. The busts of former chiefs line the halls. They roam around, looking down on the administration, looking at the deterioration of this once great force. 

I wrote that 9 months ago. 

A lot has changed within those 9 months. The sidewalks have really been cleaned up, just the usual vendors trying to make a living off of selling newspapers and water bottles.

Just recently they placed headquarter seals decorating the side walls in an attempt to ‘beautify’ the environment. Honestly it looks like shit, the seals come right off the print of MS Word (along with all the other agency seals of the Philippines).

It looks as if the freshly pressed seals on the walls is a way to test there new CCTV system which in all honesty should have been placed there a long time. There of course was nothing wrong with installing (better late than never) but the problem is with the seals pressed, and the frequent occurrence of them.

I smell a dirty little piggy. One word: commission. Recently a whole new 500 billion peso pork barrel scam was revealed along with the possibility of a certain new ‘Ma’am Arlene’ in the PNP. The scale of the questionable seals are nowhere near the one that of the new scam, this one probably only done an isolated case of someone who wants to be the new wolf of EDSA. 

Even as this is nowhere near the Pork Series II, the seals could open to new revelations. Before in the time of Marcos, corruption was only perpetrated in the upper seats of a few quiet politicians (there is no compensation or justification for this whatsoever) who took 10% of the commission.

Now the commission has spread deep into the veins of every aspect of government down to the most basic element – the Barangay (or village in English term). A personal experience for me is that my family was building a house in the White Triangle. There was a big old tree, rotting with maggots, threatening our health. We wanted to cut it down but you know what the Barangay Captain said? “No can do, you have to replace it”.

We didn’t have any money to replace the tree and pressed on it. As gross and disrespectful as he was a big fuck you was given and he said “Do you know who has the power? I can evict you from the house and deny a permit”. A big fuck you too. The next week we come over to find our neighbors tree cut down cause that guy actually offered a little more money for the Captain to ‘feed’ his family. Would you look at that nice big house. That belongs to Captain Attorney. Go Fuck Yourself.


It is disappointing that corruption has spread this far into the government. Take a look back at the statement a few months ago. Just a few months ago, probably a year by now there was a bunch of squatters living just outside the PNP, beggars, and all kinds of ‘undesirable’ elements of society. 

Now they’re all gone from the PNP, but not quite gone from society. They just moved them to another place to try and save the reputation of the headquarters. Where, I don’t know but what I do know is that their life isn’t getting any better.

It is rather shameful that the government has not come to terms with this, more embarrassingly that it has and allows it. That’s normal I guess because we have developed a culture of corruption. 

Cadet Cudia’s case is surprising considering the fact that the superiors giving the punishment will in fact lie, cheat, steal, and tolerate those who do to the cadets that will graduate to grow up to lie, cheat, steal, and tolerate those who do. 

Honor on the walls! Honor on the walls of the PNP! Honor on the walls! Honor on the walls of the bloodstained AFP!


Innocence Part I

I’m sure by now most would already have forgotten about Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda). Media is already filled up with more relevant news. Truly seems like Typhoon Haiyan is just another forgotten disaster.

It’s pretty obvious that everyone forgot about the Zamboanga siege and that is chillingly acceptable to the fact that Mindanao once again has been ravaged by another devastating typhoon. 

Sure, forget about the tragedy. But don’t forget about the people that suffered – the people that lost everything they had and died. It’s easy to forget these because it doesn’t really affect us. We like to think that we’d play a better role in this all but to be honest we would rather sit at home, and watch some TV Patrol as we wait for our favorite drama at 8 o’ clock. 

Still, let’s bring some awareness to this issue because we aren’t the only ones living on this earth…and the earth does not revolve around the people who are rich enough to afford this luxury called internet. 

Out of my curiosity, I downloaded the Tor Browser Bundle (in which I will explain in a later post) so that I could browse the dark web. To get straight to the point, using the Hidden Wiki I found a lot of rather disturbing and chilling websites on the index. 

At first I decided to check out the whistle blower blogs and news sites which were full of classified documents such as the Al Qaeda training manual. Eventually after searching a sizable amount of information I continued on down to something called ‘Hard Candy’. 


 Now this caught my eye, but this I also would never browse to the deepness of the web. Still this would bring in some major revelations to the world of illegal pornography and child exploitation. 


 These children were most probably groomed to the fitting of a sick middle aged overweight man who has no conscience – that he may only look at a woman or his daughter merely as a sex toy. That thought gave me outright hatred for this as I clicked through the index and found the ‘Pedo Empire’ – another website index. 

I learned Hurt 2 the Core was one of the most accessible site to these despicable activities. 


 I made a fake account to gain some access into the site. Photos and Videos are denied to those who do not contribute. 

In the general discussions, you would know right away something is very wrong. I went down through the threads and found a man planning to go the Philippines. 


 This seems like a troll but you could never be so sure. Going down, people actually condoned this kind of senseless behavior. 


Now that comment just struck me because it just came to my mind that there were so much devastation and so much lives lost, and that so many children were orphaned and left to fend for their own, often seeking for little rays of hope – only to find more darkness. 

Let’s take a step back from Tacloban and back to Manila. There was another man who intended to go to the Philippines to ‘fulfill his fantasies’. 


 As from his account:

I’ve been working up to visiting SEA for a long time but until recently I have never had the opportunity to go there (or the bravery) 

This time however, I managed to get some time off work and pushed myself for what I intended to be a real exploration into what I consider my darkest fantasy which I have never been able to follow through on. I pushed my paranoid feelings to one side and decided to go for it. I felt nervous both and excited but couldn’t wait to taste and feel my hard cock entering tight young vagina!

I had already done quite a bit of research so I had a pretty good idea of the areas I wanted to visit.

*Note, so much has happened during my 6 week trip I doubt I will have time to cover all in this first post. I am not very confident in my writing skills but will do my best… 

About my goals for this trip:
I am a jail bait kind of guy and I am looking for 10-16 year olds. I would consider 8’s or 9’s too. In short, my goal is to search for brand new pussy which is tight and girls that are old enough to start understanding sexuality where they can be aroused to wetness without any help from lubricants. Real pussy juice not only tastes better, but turns me on much more than artificial lubricants. To give you an idea of what I was seeking, I’ve posted a pic in this thread of what I consider to be perfect fucking material. 

My travel plans were as follows:

1) Philippines
2) Laos
3) Cambodia
4) Vietnam
5) Burma

So my first flight was booked and my first stop was the Philippines.


After getting off my flight I checked into an hotel and thought I would have a look around Manila before traveling to Angeles City which is about 90 minutes outside of the capital. 

Being pretty new to the place, I decided to first visit the general go-go bar type places just to get a measure on what the norm is. After visiting a few bars, it became apparent that most of the girls were aged anywhere between 18-25 and not typically what I was looking for. 

In the last bar I went in, there seems to be a larger % of girls aged around 18, could have been 17 and so I thought it might be a good idea to speak to the mamasan who is the woman who is there to manage the girls. 

After offering her a drink, she was quite happy to sit with me and have a chat and so I mentioned in conversation “all the girls around here seem a bit old”. She explained that her “bar has the youngest girls in town”. She seemed to emphasize on the word “bar” which made me think that she was meaning that there were other venues and so I pushed the conversation and asked…. “what other types of places are there where you get younger looking girls?”. I used to the word “younger looking” since I was new in town and was a little paranoid about being setup and wanted to test the water to see what she had to say.

To my delight she went on to explain that there are some “karaoke” type of places in the Quezon City area that have younger girls working there which you wouldn’t typically find in the general tourist destinations where her bar was located. She also went on to explain that it could also be dangerous without having a local to show me around. 

Jumping at the chance of a bit of inside information, I asked if she knew anybody that could act as a ‘tour guide’ for the ‘special places’ she talked about. At this stage, I made a point not to mention anything that could be considered illegal although it was apparent during conversation that she and I both knew what we were referring to.

She arranged for a taxi driver she knew to take me out and it was agreed that I would pay the taxi driver 2500 peso for his ‘tour guide service’. I knew this was a little high for general taxi duties although figured that if he can take me safely to places that would have what I wanted it was well worth the money. The mamasan had already spoken to him and i think she had explained what type of places I wanted to visit. Although I couldnt be sure since they were speaking in their own language. My emotions were mixed between excitement and paranoia. 

It turned out that the taxi driver spoke good english and was a very friendly type of guy and was very chatty. I had orginally planned on just keeping quiet and see where he took me since I did not want to potentially incriminate myself and end up being setup or landing myself in trouble.

Within 2 minutes of getting into the taxi, the driver started conversation and had started to explain to me that there were a few places where he and his friends sometimes visit to get what he called ‘special girls’. To qualify this, I asked him what he considered ‘special’.

“Girls in makati are working girl who have many customer sir. The younger girls we visit do not have much experience. Many of them go to work in bar in makati when they turn 18 because they have police checks in those bars”.

Oh my god! When he told me this I knew that this was what I had been looking for and it was my first night! I remember thinking to myself thank god I had brought viagra with me because in my fantasies I always knew that I would want to bang them again and again and feared that my cock would stop functioning after 5-6 shoots!

And so I asked… “What ages are the girls that are in the places you will take me?”

He replied… “it depends on what you want sir but normally the girls are aged between 11-16, is this ok for you?”

I replied in a coy manner “well, I would like to at least go and see these places”. I still was not 100% sure at this stage whether or not this taxi driver was in the process of setting me up in a sting operation or if he was for real.

About 20 minutes later after turning up some very bad looking streets we pulled up outside what appeared to be a normal house that was not different from any of the others we had been passing. We parked up and he announced “ok, we’re here. I want to show you this one first, if you don’t like it we can move onto the next place”.

I get out of the car feeling very apprehensive, but excited at the same time. One part of my brain was yelling at me “what the fuck you think you are doing? Get the fuck out of here while you can!” and the other part of my brain was coaxing me “look, you’ve come here for this, and so far so good. You have not played all your cards or committed yourself to anything so just go with it and see what happens”.

The latter part of my brain takes control and I am out of the car and following the taxi driver to the door of the mysterious looking house we had parked outside of. The street didn’t look very busy, a few cars and motorcycles scattered here and there but nothing that would suggest we were walking into a busy “venue”. It felt right. So I continued.

I entered into a room that was quite dark although there was sufficient lighting to see what was happening. On the right side of the room were what appeared to be a series of curtains which appeared to be covering cubicles. There were 5 or 6 cubicles down this side of the room. On the left side there were cheap looking tables and chairs, around 8 tables in all. At one of the tables there was a man seated and he was drinking beer and had 2 girls sitting with him. Each of the girls also had a smaller glass each and they were sipping at beer also. After quickly scanning the room, I realized that this customer was the only one in the room and so my eyes went back to the girls and I quickly noted what I thought the age was of each of the girls entertaining the customer. They appeared to be aged between 13-15. A good start! They were dressed identically.

My mind was woken by the sound of a womans voice and she was greeting my driver. They appeared to know each other but I could not tell what they were talking about I was scanning for reactions in their faces that could possibly alert me that a setup could be underway. However, the expressions looked very laid back and I felt that nothing bad was about to happen. My driver motioned to me for me to follow him and we went to sit down on one of the other tables. 2 minutes later the woman returned with 2 large bottles of beer and a tray of glasses. She spoke again to the driver and he then turned to me and said “how many girls would you like to come and entertain you?”.

I felt like saying “how many have you got? how old are they? can I see them and choose?”. But instead opted to follow the lead of the previous customer and take 2. I also figured that 2 would be perhaps more relaxed if they had friends present. “2 please” I answered. The driver spoke to the woman holding the tray of glasses and she proceeded to put down 2 large glasses and 2 small glasses on the table and then she walked away. The driver poured beer into the 4 glasses on the table and said to me “the girls will be here in a minute sir”.

I felt like this was some kind of lottery and my mind was filled with lots of emotions ranging from fear, excitement and apprehension. “Is this normal for the girls to be brought to you or can you also choose which girls you would prefer?” I asked. I glanced over at the other table and noted that the 2 girls on the other table were very cute and I couldnt help but wonder if he had the best out of the bunch, were they the youngest, the cutest, the oldest? 

“You can choose if you like sir, but not all the girls are always working. I can ask for you to take a look at the girls if you would like”.

“Ok, let’s see the girls that show up first and then take it from there” I replied. To hide the nervous expression on my face I focused on my beer and took a few mouthfuls. It felt like a long time and the silence between me and my driver felt awkward and I started to feel waves of paranoia sweeping over me. “So, do you come here often?” I said to my driver. “It depends sir, sometimes we come every month but sometimes it is more. If we have the money, we come more often” he said with a smirk on his face which suggested to me that if money permitted he would probably be a daily visitor. “How long have you been coming here?”. 

“There are many special shops that only open for a short time because of trouble with the police sir. But this shop has been open for over 6 years now and has always been in this house. The owner has connections with the police and they are paid so they leave them alone”. He said.

Well, this was the perfect situation in my mind and I felt myself relax and excitement had replaced my feeling of apprehension. Two more mouthfuls of beer and I looked up to see the woman who had served us with drinks enter the room from behind a curtain from an area out back which I presumed to be for staff only. She was followed by 2 very petite girls and to my pleasure I noticed that they were wearing exactly the same clothes as the 2 girls I noticed when I had first walked in.

The first two girls I saw upon entering were each wearing cycling shorts and a gym type top which exposed the stomach but covered the breasts. I’d estimated the age of each of the girls by looking at their breasts, one of them had bigger and firm looking breasts and she was the girl I estimated to be 15. The other girl had smaller breasts that were just budding and perfect for my own preference. I felt jealous when I saw her because she was taken already.

As the woman got closer I got my first chance to see the 2 girls who looked even smaller as they approached. To my delight, I looked at their chests and each of them had small budding breasts! Oh my god! I felt my cock tingle with excitment and I had never encountered a feeling of such anticipation in my life as I did in this moment. The cycling shorts were tight and although it was difficult to see with the darkened lighting I could just about make out the shape of their pussy lips through their shorts. They looked so tight! Again, my cock twitched into life and I had a tingling sensation running throughout my cock and balls. I had not had this feeling since I was a kid seeing a porno magazine for the first time! 

Our table was configured for 4. I was sat on one chair opposite my driver which left us both with an empty chair at each side of us. When the girls arrived at our table, the woman nodded to them and then walked away. The girls both said in tandem “hello sir” whilst looking at me. They seemed to be waiting for permission to sit with us. My driver said to me “do you like any of these girls?”. I replied, “I like them both”. He laughed and then said “well sir, which one would you like to sit beside you?”. I scanned both and could not make a clear decision in my mind. Either one of them would be my perfect girl and I would take my time with any of them given the opportunity. I looked at their faces and quickly scanned their bodies again before making my decision on one of the girls who appeared to have a slightly more welcoming expression on her face. Having said that, both looked super friendly and both had AMAZING bodies and pretty faces.

On queue, each of them took a seat beside us. They picked up the glass of beer and my girl announced “cheer!” in a very cute voice while she raised her glass. We all followed her queue and raised our glasses. I noticed each girl take a drink of beer but they took almost all the small glass of beer before putting it back down on the table. I was surprised at this point, these adorable girls seemed totally comfortable in their environment and were even confident enough to take the lead after sitting at our table. I couldn’t help but think at this point how long had they been working here? Had they been very well trained or was I looking at experience on their part in a working situation? At this point, 

I mentally calculated the age of each of our (my?) girls. Both were between 11-13.

Moments after we returned our glasses back on the table I heard the scraping of chairs behind me and turned to look around. Each of the 2 girls were pushing their seats away to stand up from their table. The customer was also standing too. Each of them walked around the other side of the table and took an hand each before leading the customer into one of the curtain covered cubicles. I turned back to face my driver and the girl sitting beside him. “Where are they going? what happens in there?”. The girl sitting beside me noticed my interest in what was happening and I felt her hand touch my croch which was now covering my raging erection. She said “you want to go inside with me to private sir?”.

My driver spoke, “Inside sir, you can get to know the girls a little better. They will entertain you there. You can also take the other girl with you. Maybe next time, you can get an extra one for me but up to you sir”.

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” I replied. I didn’t want to upset my driver by being too selfish although his expression told me that he was genuine and seemed to understand my thinking this being my first time in this environment.

“No sir, you go ahead. I will wait here. Is it ok if I order another beer to drink while I wait?”. 

“No problem at all. You can order what you like. How long do I have?”.

“As long as you want sir, but normally pay 1700 peso for each girl and they can stay with you for 2 hours”.

My driver spoke to the girls in filipino language which is known as tagalog. They both stood up from their chairs and the girl at the side of me offered me her hand and said “sir, are you ready?”. She was smiling as she said this. At this moment, I almost cum in my pants and felt a drip of pre-cum escape my throbbing cock.

The other girl moved around the table and like the other customer each of the girls took an hand each and led me towards one of the cubicles. 

This then means that there are establishments here in Metro Manila which supposedly ‘wiped out’ child pornography establishments. This also points out that there still persists major corruption within the Philippine National Police and the failure to regulate and enforce the laws to prevent more children from falling prey to sexual predators.

Are we ready to start the start the War on Child Porn? We must be able to protect the jewels of our nations treasure. The innocence of children. 

Just Respect Myself

We see the public, ourselves indulging in media trends and frenzies every day. Just last week we saw a certain someone’s beating all over the news (and no I am not trivializing the case).

I occasionally flick the channels, usually on History, Nat Geo, Discovery, some Jack and Fox, and CNN. When there’s nothing good on TV (example being Storage Wars, Duck Dynasty, or African Voices) I go just a few channels down to GMA or ABS-CBN to which – I find even more depressing.

The worst part is the daytime television. That had me thinking if ABS-CBN is really that idiotic to think that we would be on their level to be that idiotic and watch some poorly made alien show (which in turn could have made me literally place a gun against my head) with really shitty effects or some cliche horror movie.

I don’t know why but I actually watched Showtime yesterday and the Best Tomboy contest for some reason. What really amused me is that they had to narrow it down and make it specifically for lesbians and I’m not sure if they had a contest for gays too here before (well…it was hosted by Vice Ganda…not suprising).

Not that its wrong to have things like this but I feel like when these things are being hosted, you can’t help but naturally feel that this community is still largely being singled out and specialized in the Philippines and the whole world. Not just a feeling but it really is in fact true. Given the current moral standards we are forced to live in, merely having a game show like this would only reinforce the idea that this population has really been undermined.

This was only strengthened when Charice Pempengco came out again on the news today talking “be yourself blah blah blah”. There is nothing wrong with coming out. It is showing the world your true identity and showing the world who you really are.

But the fact is that this has become so overused (well I am questioning myself here) and it feels like this is no longer an issue if its you or someone else. Its more like ‘this is me and look at me kind of situation’ created by the small and ‘special’ minority. We can’t discriminate and/or dehumanize them and we shouldn’t.

Criticism is not equal to discrimination or dehumanization, rather a question of right and wrong on the most basic scale. Not to judge by the race, sexuality, religion, or gender but on the action of a person. This has become so overlooked because instead we see them to be special and so it creates a culture that makes them feel like they should in fact be special.

All I care is if that person would treat and respect me the same way I would or at least I would try to understand that person himself.

This is something we need to understand. We need to learn how to love everyone and ourselves and get on with our lives.

Justin Who?

It’s already tried and tried and trying the media again. I feel like most are now just sick when they see the news, toss it aside as a ‘who gives a fuck’ kind of thing. In fact it would not even be worth my time to write about this (considering the fact that I should be in school but at home, sick) but the deal is with the people who still actually give a fuck about Justin Bieber.


True, we should just let people worship and admire whoever they would want to admire but seriously though – even through what most would call bullshit they still continue to condone the criminal acts done by Justin Bieber.

It really says something about our society today. It blinds our eyes with the distortion of morals carried out by the media. Someone give this kid a bitch slap on the face is all I can say. Even his father can’t guide him on how to handle too much fame. 

I ain’t gonna rant but justice must be done even if the heavens may fall. Arrest him, convict him, give him the punishment he deserves. Lady justice is blind – she does not see wealth, fame, or race. Take away the Bieber, this would be another black kid who would get life in prison. 

K-12 Under An Education ‘Revolution’

This was around the time when the government started to push through the K-12 curriculum. On February 23, 2013, I wrote this article:


The government actually thought of this way back (or as I assume, prompting me to question BS Aquino’s intellectual capacity), however they never really brought the issue to the public as of the time that I wrote the article.

By now, the government has already sneakily shoved it up our heads like parasites becoming in tune with a host. Yes we know about it, but it has already been accepted and this I don’t know why.

In fact, it has been even embraced by a majority of the population, in part because of educational influence. Private schools will gladly embrace it and will promote it. Considering all of the income from students wanting a diploma – extra years, more books (with commission), more activities (which require students to spend), more rooms, tables and chairs (with commission), and they may even add a classy new uniform for those special senior high-schoolers.


Other than those ultra-elite private schools in which Metro Manila dwells in, we often forget about the less fortunate which don’t have enough money to use the facilities seen as less needed luxuries or those nice uniforms. All they would care about is a good education to get a good job and live a comfortable or at least a decent life.

What they would fear is that they lose the opportunity to get the education they so desperately need over the ever increasing costs that they would need to at least go to school everyday.

It is a bad idea that we would put too much at one time into the mouths that we cannot even feed. This seems like the curriculum was rushed into implementation over the short time period of only 3 years – only insinuated by BS Aquino himself to be fully functional by 2016 so that only he would get credit himself.


We did not even repair classrooms from Typhoon Haiyan yet. The rubble of Zamboanga City was blacked out from the media and covered with a new Typhoon which was soon to be blacked out too, with some showbiz news getting in the way.

If we cannot even fix these problems then how can we even stand for a strong educational system under K-10 itself? How could even the craziest idea of implementing K-12 come to the minds of these officials if they couldn’t even handle the simplest of problems the country has to offer?

Under this system we would at least hope for a better curriculum – one which would make only the most brilliant of lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, scientists, accountants, and other great men and women of society.

That is an idea we as of now could not even think of. It is only a dream, kept away in the brains of men aspiring to lead the nation into greatness who’s ideas are far to radical to be carried out and implemented within the country. Sadly we may never see these ideas come to light – safely tucked away into the hands of oligarchs.

Even private schools are seeing the falter of the supposedly ‘great-before-K12-was-implemented’ scheme. No lie, we had no good curriculum even before K-12 was implemented. But I would think different, because as I said before we actually have a very advanced curriculum compared to America.

The thing is – we don’t just want to be good, we want to be great. Even with this greatness, why don’t I see this on every day news? America is a land of opportunity as they say, and that’s how most would view America to be even if they themselves would think differently. It is because of this belief and America’s influence over the world that we would want to change thinking it would be better.

BS Aquino fell prey to weak ideologies and the wold of globalization. Maybe to come out to the world and unveil the Philippine’s new image under his term but honestly who gives a fuck? After all, the Philippines may and forever will be – a crowd of immature high school students.


In Defense of Men

Since the defeat of Germany in World War II, history has told us that Adolf Hitler was one of the worst men of the 20th century. It has been instilled in culture what dictates good and evil, and what are the justifications for what evil good men do. We fail to learn that everything is propaganda, favoring one’s self. 

What history does not teach us is that both sides have contributed to great loss in human life. We are not taught about the good thing the Nazis did, or the contributions of Adolf Hitler to humanity. We are not taught about the benefits of communism, or the contributions of Vladimir Lenin. This is not authoritarian propaganda to promote these acts. There is no justification however, about the atrocities done by these men. 

In Defense of the Nazi Judges

The Nuremberg Trials was the basis for the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and International Law. This was to ensure that the grave atrocities of Hitler would never see the light of day again. One of the cases I would like to point out is the Judges Trial. These judges ultimately sentenced the Jews to their fate in the concentration camps. But if you would take it from an equal perspective, they aren’t the evil you’d think they are. Call them evil, everyone is just as evil as them. 

1. Little to no atrocities committed by these men. Of course they have just selected just a few men to be tried for these trials. But the problem is that these men have maybe only sentenced by the tens or at the most hundreds of Jews, not thousands or millions. 

2. Stayed in honor of their country. One can not dispute the loyalty to his country. The Americans would have never left for any other thing so why would the Germans. “My country, right or wrong”.

3. To save the Jews? To save men? There is one reason why the judges stayed in office. They knew that Hitler was killing Jews. They, in their right mind would have never supported these vile acts. But why did they stay? To save more Jews. How? If they would have left, a worst person would have taken their place, a worst person would have killed more Jews. So instead they stayed and killed as little Jews as possible. 

4. Just following orders. As a government official, judge, or as a soldier, you cannot just refuse to execute orders by your commander. They had no other choice but to follow. This is my biggest criticism of the ICC. They have made it a point that following orders is not an excuse for committing grave offenses against Humanity. But what if his life was endangered due to refusing to execute orders given by his commander? Execute or be executed. 

The Nazis Never Committed Crimes Against Humanity 

There is one reason why Hitler along with all other Nazi War Criminals should have never been persecuted. One must look into the fact that Hitler never broke a law. For there was never any law to break. If this was the case, then they should have never been tried. They should have been released under Ex Post Facto law. Should the Nazi Criminals be tried individually for individual murder of 20 million men, women, and children? Should we instead just persecute the entire German race and hold them up in their own concentration camps? If we ever did do that then why wouldn’t we be tried for Crimes Against Humanity? Should we blame the entire world for once, supporting the Nazis in their conquest? And the only justification for this is revenge. 

The Allied Forces Also Committed Grave Offenses in WWII

1.Air Raids. Throughout the war, almost all Allied nations carried out air raids on non-military, civilian targets. A tactic used by both sides primarily to destroy morale – most notably as part of Nazi Blitzkrieg – most air raids on civilian populations were little more then revenge attacks. During the last years of the war it started to posses a tactical purpose, when the Germans began to fortify and hold up within cities as they fell back. This does not forgive the indiscriminate murder of civilians earlier in the war, however.

2. Operation Teardrop Torture. Having received intelligence that a fleet of German U-Boats armed with V-1 Flying Bombs were heading towards Eastern coast of America, the U.S. and Canada sent out a large anti-submarine task force comprised of some 42 destroyers and four aircraft carriers to neutralize the threat. Over the course of a month, the fleet sank five German submarines and captured two others, while suffering the loss of one destroyer.But this entry concerns the treatment of five crew-members from the U-546, who were brutally interrogated in order to quickly extract information concerning a possible missile attack on the eastern coast. One officer who was tortured committed suicide whilst in custody. Were the American torture methods justified? You decide – but bear in mind that the fears later turned out to be unfounded.

3. London Cage Torture. Housing the London Cage, Kensington Palace Gardens in London witnessed its fair share of war crimes during the Second World War. The Cage was essentially a set of cells and rooms used to hold and interrogate captured members of the Schutzstaffel and Gestapo. Everything from starvation and sleep deprivation to brutal beatings was practiced within its walls. to extract information and, in some cases, confessions.Though undeniably a war crime, no participants were ever prosecuted. The British government, for the most part, turned a blind eye to the abuse – despite multiple complaints from various parties – arguing that it was justifiable given the situation.

4. Dachau Massacre. As American soldiers approached Dachau concentration camp, they bore witness to thousands of highly decomposed bodies sitting in open top freight carriages. Because of this, it can hardly come as a surprise when American soldiers summarily executed captured – and unarmed – SS guards, purely out of rage. Prisoners, too, were said to have beaten as many as 50 guards to death in retaliation for their treatment.Unfortunately, the guards who operated the camp and carried out most of the atrocities for the majority of the war had fled many days beforehand, and were replaced with members of the Waffen-SS, whose sole purpose was to surrender the camp to the Allied force without resistance. Thus, the men were unjustly executed for crimes they did not commit. No one was ever court-martialed for the massacre.

5. Prussian Rape. After the fall of Berlin, Germany was in ruins. Occupied by millions of foreign troops, none of whom had complete control over any given entity, Germany quickly descended into anarchic lawlessness. It is believed that the Soviet Army alone was responsible for the rape of up to two million women and children, as well as the subsequent death of 240,000.Claimed to be the largest mass rape in history, many unfortunate victims were assaulted up to a hundred times, and often could not resist in the face of overwhelming Soviet numbers.For the most part, these atrocities were driven by the lust for revenge, although in many cases it was simply because the Soviets saw themselves as conquers, not liberators. Stalin himself was reputed to have said that people should be understanding, “if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometers through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle.”It wasn’t just the Soviets who were accused of this crime, however: it is believed that the US was responsible for over 11,000 rapes, while the French have been accused of over 1,500. This is clearly not on the same scale as the Soviets – but it doesn’t make it any less terrible. 

“Avenge! You are a soldier-avenger! … Kill the German, and then jump the German woman! This is how a soldier celebrates victory!”

How Should History Judge the War? 

War is a terrible thing. There is no compensation for the millions and millions and millions of lives lost during World War II and World War I. Of course though, through war we can achieve peace, but they said World War I was the war to end all wars. I have realized that we can achieve peace through peaceful and nonviolent ways.

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” -Albert Einstein 

The Contributions of Adolf Hitler

We cannot deny that Hitler was a good leader, in fact he was the greatest leader of the 20th Century, He led the Germans to victory for once. Didn’t you notice that the Axis Powers, known to be the evil of the world, rose up to present times as the top 5 countries in the world. I guess that a country that rebuilds itself from scratch is better than a country that heals its wounds. Regardless of Hitlers crimes, he had a lot of good policies, too. Did you know Germany was one of the first countries in the world to ban vivisection? They also started the Anti-Tobacco movement and animal conservation. The man who invented rockets as we know them today, Wernher Von Braun, was a member of the Nazi party and commissioned Schutzstaffel Officer. He aided both Germany and the United States in the use of rockets during and after WW2, and eventually became a naturalized U.S. Citizen.The Nazis were also very interested in both film and music as propaganda techniques and essential cultural pillars. The first known magnetic tape recording was of a speech made by Hitler, and Joseph Goebbels pushed for more complicated methods of filming. 

One of the biggest contributions of the Nazis were their medical experiments. Though this experiment would be counted as one of their crimes, they extensively monitored Hypothermia and recorded the facts about the changes in body temperature, heart rate, etc. They also studies revival techniques that are still used today. 

In Conclusion

We must take everything from a balanced perspective. Everything is a blame game directed towards one group. We must also not generalize an entire population. We cannot just say Hitler conducted a reign of terror without considering other facts. I believe that history will reveal itself to the world.

References taken from Listverse. 

The Sanctity of Marriage and the Sanctity of Sanity

Other than the RH Bill, or RH Law I should say, another bill is being debated in the Senate. The Philippines has become the only country in the world, that has not yet permitted divorce. It shows the Philippines deep religious roots and failure to move forward. As Philippine culture has evolved to accept only the socially acceptable and culturally deluded norms, the Pinoys jump on to the bandwagon.

One of the main arguments against divorce is that it destroys the sanctity of marriage which in some sense is true. One example is in America, which has completely different political views and culture. It is socially acceptable to divorce in the US. One shocking fact is that over 60% of Americans divorce in the average time span of only 8 years. Another is that people only wait 3 years until they remarry another person and divorce again within the 8 years. My dad has worked in the prosecuting office before running after men who fail to pay child support. These statistics are just sad thinking how much marriage has been devalued and how it has just become a three year process where you delude yourself into thinking you’re in love. 

The main reason for divorce in America is due to Adultery and Infidelity. They say we only have one heart for one person. Why must we look for other lovers to satisfy our needs? The problem is that in America, they aren’t really in love. They decide to get over with something which in fact they have only known each other for 3 months. How will you be able to truly know each other in 3 months? As my teacher said, marriage brings out your true colors. What the Americans need to learn, is the value of marriage , and that it is a lifetime commitment. 

So why must we pass the divorce bill in the Philippines? Let’s just say, people have their rights. Annulment is an expensive, long, and bitter process which only benefits the rich and lawyers. A study in the UK gave the main reasons of divorce which are: 

  • Adultery – 27%
  • Domestic Violence – 17%
  • Midlife Crisis – 13%
  • Addictions – 6%
  • Workaholism – 6%

As I have discussed earlier about adultery, I would hope that divorce wouldn’t encourage adultery but it is already prevalent in today’s society. The good thing about annulment is that it would encourage people to get through a marriage no matter what would be thrown at them.

My main argument for divorce is the next reason. Domestic Violence is a major problem with couples, it is part and parcel with the “getting to know you phrase”. Like I said, you can’t know a person in 3 months, and your partner can easily delude you. “I won’t hurt you”.Divorce would be a perfect solution. He hits you, file for divorce and charges of Domestic Violence. And then there’s the trance of your partner. Perfectly described in the songs ”Kim”, “Bonnie and Clyde”, “Stan”, “Just the two of us” and “Love the Way You Lie”. All by Eminem who raps about these cases of Domestic Violence. 

I would examine the case of Eminem (though he never committed these cases as described in his songs) where he married his wife in 1999 divorced in 2001 and remarried in 2006 and divorced the same year. This is alongside all of the Hollywood divorces. What Hollywood taught us is that it’s okay divorce. 

Going back, the third major reason for divorce is Midlife Crisis. I find this a petty reason to separate. Once again, I value the sanctity of marriage. It is petty to divorce over a simple fight which could be resolved.

Reason number 4, addictions. This would be another major reason for supporting the divorce bill. Addictions such as Gambling and Alcoholism go hand in hand with Domestic Violence which I vehemently oppose. It is also related to the midlife crisis that you fight over money, which you have lost through gambling addictions. 

The last one is just as destroying as the others. It can be a tipping point, a domino effect. Workaholism destroys the most important unit of society, the family. When you have no time for family, temptation follows. You want to be loved so you decide to find another lover out of that common bond. So, I’m neutral on this last issue. 

Other than the destruction of marriage, the Catholic Church opposes divorce on the ground of religion which completely irrelevant. Actually, the bible cites 2 reasons for divorce: Sexual Immorality and Abandonment by an Unbeliever. The first one is the most reasonable grounds for divorce. The second one is more on the religious side which you can opt to or not.    

Now here’s the problem. We are stuck in between to arguments. On my opinion, Yes for Divorce. Why? We must take into the various factors the reasons for separation and the different legal aspects, rights, and moral considerations. But though I support it, I discourage as much as possible to get through your marriage. Only divorce if absolutely necessary. As they say, 

Til Death Do Us Far